Mast Coffee is proud to showcase the work of local artists through our Artist Collaboration Program. Work of the artist is displayed on our cups for a period of 60 days.


Artist Collaboration – Christine Lieu
December 1, 2017 Shawn R.

ARTIST BIO : Christine Lieu

Christine has worked with clients ranging from startups to CBC Music, the University of Toronto to Rogers Media Publishing for brands such as Sportsnet, MLSE (Toronto Maple Leafs and Raptors) and was nominated for a Digital Publishing Award for her work with Maclean’s Magazine. Christine helped design and launch Walmart Live Better/Vivremieux’s social media channels for both French and English audiences, while creating exclusive content and editorial content for their website.
Mast Coffee has such an appreciation and support for the Canadian  artistic community which is what inspired me most in wanting to collaborate with the brand. I’m honoured to be the first of their artist collaborations! Hearing the origin of what Mast means (nope, it’s not the sail mast!), in regards to the botanical name for the nuts, seeds, buds, or fruits of trees and shrubs but also of the Persian origins meaning intoxicated with spirituality. This lead me to researching Persian artwork which inspired the lines and organic forms. My artistic style is typically bold and rigid. The juxtaposition invites you to search for the subtle meanings represented through Mast Coffee’s storytelling.
Website: Instagram: @_clieu @christineldesigns